General Election 2015

A question to ask

March 16, 2015 - Mary Milne, Traidcraft Campaigns Manager

With the General Election campaign entering its final weeks, now is a great time to talk to the people who are hoping to become our Members of Parliament. In constituencies up and down the country, prospective parliamentary candidates are out and about, knocking on doors and speaking at hustings.

Traidcraft campaigners have been contacting their candidates since January, asking them to watch our short campaign video. We are delighted that many candidates have responded with questions, interest and support.

If you haven’t yet emailed your candidates with the video, it’s not too late. Just click here.

But with lots of issues competing for the attention of parliamentary hopefuls, we need to keep on talking about justice for people in developing countries and why it is important.

So if you get the chance to ask a question of candidates during this election campaign, here is what we would suggest:

Some UK companies are getting away with things in developing countries which wouldn’t be allowed here. If elected, what would you do to make sure these companies are held to account?

Just asking the question will help raise awareness and concern! If you need more information, or want to tell us about a keen candidate, please email

All the experts suggest that this will be a close election, and that means that we will need to work with MPs from across the new House of Commons if we are to bring about real change.

Polling suggests that 78% of the UK public agree that UK companies must be held to account for abuse overseas. Now is the time to ask our politicians what they plan to do about this.