New stories, same issues.

October 28, 2015 - Sachin Shah, Traidcraft Campaigns Officer

This week, you may have seen on our website some new stories, videos and actions you can take as part of the Justice campaign. The stories may have changed, but the issues certainly haven’t.

Last year, we told you about Mary and how her life was devastated when her husband Samwel was shot by security staff acting on behalf of a UK company at the North Mara gold mine in Tanzania. This week we have released three new accounts of people suffering harm at the hands of a UK-linked company in Zambia.

The company owns a huge copper mining and smelting plant which regularly emits toxic gases into the local atmosphere. You can meet three people who talk about the different effects this has on their lives:

Angelina explains what it feels like to breathe in the polluted air: it hurts her throat, eyes and chest. It feels like she is inhaling smoke. You can watch her story here.

Felix talks about the impact on his daughter Bertha: the pollution leaves her struggling to breathe. You can watch Felix’s story here.

Josephine’s crops don’t grow anymore, the gases in the air are burning the plants and the roof on her home is being damaged. You can watch Josephine's story here.

To go along side these stories we’ve published a new campaign report. You can download it here. It gives more information about the campaign, the problem and what we want the government to do.

In all these cases, we may be highlighting the accounts of different people, but it’s still the same issue: UK companies getting away with things in developing countries that they would never get away with here.

We want this country to use the law to stop irresponsible companies causing serious harm in developing countries. The government is reviewing the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. It’s an opportunity to commit to using the law to prosecute irresponsible companies. But we are concerned it won’t go far enough.

To ensure that the revised action plan delivers real change, the Prime Minister must take a leading role. We need as many MPs as possible to write to the Prime Minister to put pressure on him to take on this role.

Over 500 campaigners have contacted their MP, you can join them too by using our simple form.