New year, new campaign

January 03, 2017 - Mary Milne, Traidcraft Campaigns Manager

This time last year, how many of us could have predicted how the year would turn out? So it's probably unwise to make predictions for 2017 - other than that there will continue to be new challenges for us all to face in bringing about fairer and more just trade.

Despite the many challenges of 2016, we have a lot of to be proud of. Thousands of people from around the country took action in support of the Justice campaign. This culminated in the presentation of 20,000 signatures on the Justice Matters petition to Downing Street in November. Together we were able to send a strong message to the government that people want companies to be prosecuted for the worst abuses abroad.

Over the next few months, Traidcraft will continue to make the case for prosecuting corporate crimes through research, briefings and behind-the-scenes meetings with officials. If you contributed to the campaign in any way, you have helped to open the door to make this possible - thank you!

But as the year turns, our campaign focus will also be changing. For the next few months we will be campaigning around the possible impact of Brexit on trade with the poorest countries.

For millions of people in the poorest countries Brexit could be make or break. It could be the end of vital support that’s been given through the European Union – or the beginning of fairer trading practices that could help people trade their way out of poverty.

With that challenge in front of us, we at Traidcraft are determined to do what we can to make sure Brexit works for everyone.

Will you join us?

Visit the campaign pages of our website to find out how you can get involved.  


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