Image by Gerry Lauzon

What's VW got to do with the Justice campaign?

October 22, 2015 - Sachin Shah, Traidcraft Campaigns Officer

It’s been more than a year since Traidcraft launched a campaign saying that companies are getting away with causing harms to communities in developing countries.

But are they really getting away with it?

Let’s take the example of Volkswagen. Recently it has emerged that some of their cars emit 40 times the allowed level of pollution and they used a device to hide this fact from the regulators.

Within a week of this becoming public, the chief executive was forced to resign, the company has set aside £4.7bn to deal with the costs of fixing the problem, their share price has nosed dived and they are likely to face big law suits in several developed countries.

Sounds like the system works well then?  They are not getting away with it, so why do we need a campaign?

But this all came to light in the US, not in a developing country.

Traidcraft is concerned with the impact of companies in developing countries precisely because of the double standards that exist.

The Volkswagen scandal shows how desperately needed this campaign is. People are being treated differently based on where they live. The truly shocking thing about the Volkswagen scandal is that it’s not shocking at all. At Traidcraft we have been seeing for years how companies’ actions are harming their workers and local communities. But these companies still get away with it.

It’s time this stopped! Join our campaign and you’ll be hearing how you can be involved very soon.

(Thanks to Gerry Lauzon for the image, supplied under Creative Commons licence)