Will they not get justice?

April 23, 2015 - Sachin Shah, Traidcraft Campaigns Officer

It’s a simple question. And two years after the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed on 24 April 2013, it’s still being asked by Shohurbanu, who lost her son in the disaster.

In our new short video, released to mark the second anniversary, you can hear Shohurbanu and Rumi, who lost her husband, speak about the devastating impacts of the factory collapse and their call for justice.  



1130 people died when the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. As we have pointed out in our previous blog 'An accident waiting to happen', the collapse could have been predicted.

Workers in the Rana Plaza building were making clothes to sell across the world. Just the day before the disaster, cracks had started to appear in the factory pillars. But business and sales targets meant that work could not stop. These targets meant that workers were put in harm’s way, to ensure that sales continued.

In countries like the UK, strict laws and a strong legal system mean that victims of industrial accidents have an opportunity to seek justice. But that is not always true abroad. The victims of Rana Plaza are still fighting for justice. It shouldn’t be this way. It shouldn’t be that victims are denied justice just because of where they live.

That is why Traidcraft is calling for justice for people in developing countries who have been harmed by UK companies. Watch the video, and if like me, it moves you to take action, you can email your parliamentary candidates. With the General Election only days away, now is a great time to let them know that you want justice for all people harmed by British companies, wherever they live.

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