The Catalyst Programme

Before Traidcraft can launch the projects that support hundreds of thousands of poor producers, it’s vital that we carry out research. We need to find what the issues are and learn exactly what is keeping people trapped in poverty – so we can do something about it!

Our Catalyst Programme exists to fund this initial research stage – things like community meetings, interviews with men and women, specialist consultants and stakeholder meetings.

We use the information to guide our project planning and then we present it to large grant-makers (like the UK Government, or the European Commission) to secure wider funding. All this gives our projects firm foundations and means they have the best chance of solving real problems in developing countries.

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Catalyst in Action

In 2012, Traidcraft invested £6,000 to research drought-prone areas of Kenya.

We identified a need and made a plan to help resolve it. This information was sent to the Big Lottery and they granted almost half a million pounds to carry out the work.

Now almost 30,000 people are benefiting from our Flourishing in Vulnerable Environments (FIVE) project!