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We have full faith in the work Traidcraft is doing. We know we can make a better future for our children.
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Our EqualiTEA programme works with smallholder tea growing families living in rural and often very isolated areas. Through a combination of technical training, encouraging tea growers to work together and providing a vital support network, the project team are working hard to transform lives and make the tea sector profitable for even the most disadvantaged families.

We’ve been working to expand our efforts in India and keep reaching more smallholder tea growers. In Bangladesh, however, our work is more pioneering - tea growing is relatively new to Bangladeshi farmers and there is a growing domestic market. We initially set up around 1,000 new tea growers in Bangladesh, but we’re now expanding the programme to help even more smallholder farmers earn a fair income in the tea sector. 

This programme is benefitting around 170,000 people.