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We have full faith in the work Traidcraft is doing. We know we can make a better future for our children
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Gifts in Wills

Everyday we help people transform their lives through trade. We stand up for fairness and justice on a global scale and we bring hope to farmers and artisans struggling to earn a fair income in developing countries.

One way in which you can help ensure a fair and just world is to leave a gift in your will to Traidcraft – you can be part of our vision to transform lives.

If the time is ever right for you to remember us in your will, we’re here to help. Every gift, no matter the size, means a great deal to us and especially to the families overseas who stand to benefit.

Our Promises

  • We will treat you fairly when giving you the opportunity to leave a legacy – we won’t intrude on your privacy by telephoning you unless you request that method of contact.
  • We will never ask you the size or type of legacy if you decide to support our work this way – because every gift makes a difference.
  • We absolutely recognise your family and friends come first in your will.
  • We understand that circumstances change and there may be a time where you need to take Traidcraft out of your will.
  • We promise to use your gift wisely.
We recognise that the decision to include Traidcraft in your will is your choice, which you enter into with all the information you need about our work.
If you would like any information on this subject please call Joanne Wallis, Traidcraft’s Supporter Relations Manager, on 0191 497 6486 or email at jow@traidcraft.co.uk