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Empowering 4,000 vulnerable women workers in rural Bangladesh!
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JEWEL – Jute: Empowering Women, Ensuring Livelihoods

Traidcraft has been working in the jute sector in Bangladesh for many years, both with jute farmers and with jute businesses.   In 2015 we launched a new project, ‘Jute: Empowering Women, Ensuring Livelihoods’ or JEWEL. 

JEWEL works with women who provide a vital but invisible service to the jute supply-chain, ‘retting’ – the process of separating jute fibres from stalks after harvesting.  These women face multiple deprivations, including hazardous working conditions, poverty wages and gender-discrimination.  JEWEL works with them to form strong democratically-run groups through which they can transform their terms-of-trade and diversify their incomes.  It deploys an innovative approach to women’s empowerment which takes the crucial but unusual step of engaging directly with men.  

JEWEL is a four year programme of work that builds on the learning and experience our Bangladesh team have gained from successfully implementing numerous projects across the country.  It is generously supported by the Big Lottery Fund.