Just Friday 2016

Just Friday

Remember, it’s #JustFriday – Let’s Put Black Friday Back in its Box

Gaining in size and popularity every year in the UK, Black Friday started life as the day after Thanksgiving in the USA and now marks the ‘official’ start of the Christmas shopping season. Retailers big and small clamour to offer the most unmissable discounts to kick-start customer’s festive spending, leading to queues out of the door, stressed-out shoppers - and in some cases even aggressive behaviour, as bargain-hunters battle to snatch up items before anyone else can.

Now that Black Friday has taken hold on our side of the Atlantic, we’re hearing worryingly similar stories in the news each year - which couldn’t be more at odds with the true Christmas spirit of love, care and generosity. At Traidcraft, we think it’s time to put Black Friday where it belongs: back in its box.

So for the third year running, we’re asking you to Show You Care ahead of Black Friday 2016 on 25th November, and join our #JustFriday campaign to put thought and meaning back into your Christmas shopping. Our campaign caught the attention of 1.5million people last year – but watch our video below to find out just why we now need your support more than ever, to spread the word that it’s still #JustFriday.



Black Friday 2016: More deals, more shops, less meaning

In our UK Black Friday 2015 survey, we found that almost half (43%) of all people we polled wanted the event to be stopped altogether. That was great news to us – but disappointingly, this year only around a third of people (36%) have said the same.

And while Black Friday is increasing in size with more shops participating than ever, its successive event, Cyber Monday is also growing too. Almost a quarter (24%) of people told us that they plan to shop online on Cyber Monday, with one in 10 (13%) keeping an eye on the best deals while at work, and 3% even admitting that they have already booked the day off work to ensure that they don’t miss out.

It’s clear to see that Black Friday has now become a full-weekend event, and an estimated £5billion will be spent this year between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Can you imagine what a difference it would make if that money was spent on helping to make people’s lives better? It can be, if you choose to shop ethically and with love this Black Friday.

Show You Care – shop with thought and buy with love this Black Friday

As the UK’s leading fair trade organisation, Traidcraft have hundreds of fair trade and handmade products to choose from, many of which would make fantastic Christmas gifts for special family members and friends.

Yet what makes our Christmas gift ideas different is that when you buy them, you’ll be directly helping to improve the lives of people in some of the world’s poorest regions. You’ll find handmade and recycled Christmas gifts that have been crafted by skilled artisan producers in the developing world, who have been paid fairly for their work – meaning that they can afford to buy food, pay for education and healthcare for themselves and their families, and help build their communities towards a future that’s free from poverty.

Wouldn’t that be a better feeling than any Black Friday bargain?

In our 2015 Black Friday survey, over half of all people confessed to experiencing unhappy emotions when they started their Christmas shopping – from stress and anxiety, to feeling argumentative, violent, or even unwell. Yet in this year’s survey, we found that one in 10 (87%) of people receive at least one Christmas gift every year that they don’t even want.

So before you rush out and hit the shops this Black Friday, stop. Breathe. It’s #JustFriday – and Christmas shopping for those you love should never be stressful. This Black Friday weekend, it’s time to shop with thought, and buy with love.

Enjoy FREE delivery on all online orders with Traidcraft on Black Friday

Instead of joining the Black Friday crowds, relax at home instead and let us deliver your carefully-chosen Christmas gifts to you FREE when you buy online at traidcraftshop.co.uk until midnight on November 25th – with no minimum order value! That will give you more time to spend with those who you care about most, and choose fair trade and ethically sourced gifts for them that have real meaning. You’ll Show You Care in more ways than one.

We can make Black Friday light again. Remember – it’s #JustFriday.