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Supporting Serendipalm

Our Supporting Social Enterprises programme helps us to continue Traidcraft’s long history of pioneering and innovating in new fair trade sectors.

We’ve been supporting smallholder farmers in Ghana to produce fair trade palm oil, and we’re doing it in a way that both helps disadvantaged farmers, and protects the environment. 

Serendipalm is a social enterprise in Ghana employing women who process the palm fruits of local farmers into fair trade palm oil. We’ve incorporated this palm oil into our Clean & Fair range and given Serendipalm a new route to market. This makes them a more secure business – less vulnerable to changes in the market.

One farmer who has benefitted from all this is Avidzingu (pictured above). The extra income he earns from working with Serendipalm helps him to support his parents and siblings.

He has dreams of extending his farm and building a house for himself – dreams that are more likely to come true now that Serendipalm is involved with Clean & Fair.

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