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Reducing poverty and improving living conditions for 4000 cotton farming households in Odisha!
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Sustainable Farms, Sustainable Futures

Traidcraft’s ‘Sustainable Farms, Sustainable Futures’ project works with 4,000 cotton farming households in south-west Odisha, India.  The districts where we work experience some of the highest levels of poverty in India.  The farmers participating in the project are from disadvantaged tribal and low-caste communities.  We are working with them to support the adoption of women-orientated, sustainable and diversified agriculture to improve food security and increase incomes. 

The project’s foundation is the formation of village-level farmer co-operatives and self-help groups (SHGs).  Working collaboratively in collective organisations enables the farmers to access services, training and new markets.  The project has a strong focus on women’s empowerment and increasing recognition of the critical but often invisible agricultural work that women do. 

‘Sustainable Farms, Sustainable Futures’ is a four year project that builds on Traidcraft’s extensive experience of working with Indian cotton farmers.  The project is generously supported by a grant from the Big Lottery fund.